PA Systems and Speakers

60Ch UHF Mic System

The UHF60 wireless mic system offers a true diversity, multi-channel receiver, making it well suited to stage, performance and public speaking applications. This allows the user a selection of up to 60 different UHF channels, giving more options to avoid interference and ensure a ‘clean’ transmission. Includes LCD and a convenient ‘hands-free’ infra-red autoscan function to address the frequency of the mic.

Dual Handheld Wireless Mic

Gone are the days of paying big bucks for a quality wireless microphone system. The ESP UHF2 is a compact, affordable, dual wireless microphone system. Out performs mic systems many times the price. Recommended for speeches, presentations, spruiking or any live performance. Accessories include body pack and lapel mic.

Portable P.A. Packs

A portable PA system with iPod® connectivity. Use the integrated dock to simultaneously charge your device and to easily share music with your audience. A stereo AUX input is provided for all other popular audio players. You can also play MP3 music files from an SD card or USB flash drive. True portability is achieved with a built-in battery providing up to 7 – 8 hours of usage. The case is built to withstand rigorous travel. It features a retractable handle at the top and wheels at the bottom for easy transportation to and from venues. Foldout handles at the side make for easy lifting.

Powered Speakers

A large range of Powered Speakers from 300W to 1000W. Very light & portable (require mains power). You can plug in your Iphone, Ipod, USB stick with music, Wired or wireless Mics. Some have Blue Tooth connectivity.