Beat Activated Lighting

Over 19 different models to choose from - Pin Spots, Moving Heads, Multi Beams, Lasers, even Mirror Balls.

CrayJ2 & Magic Crystal Ball

The Colour Ray Junior 2 & Magic Crystal Ball are both sound activated lights producing sharp coloured beams which move to the music. Their compact size & budget price makes them ideal for mobile work, kids parties or places where space is limited.


The classic-styled Colour Bank light box has four sound-sensitive lamps which go in synch with the beat and will flood the room with red, green, blue and yellow to add shine to your occasion.

It’s a sound-activated all-in-one lightshow and chase unit. Adjust speed and colour patterns to your preference. Even without music the lights simply operate at a constant user-defined speed. Be as flashy as you want to be.


The ever popular shimmer or sparkle effect is back with a 21st century influence. Now using one 3 watt LED instead of a halogen lamp, the Sparkle LED produces well defined bright white beams that can either rotate slowly or remain static.


The Kinta has 40 multicoloured lenses which will send a barrage of 80 swirling beams to every corner of your venue.


Join the LED REVOlution in special effects lighting with American DJ’s ÒREVOÓ 3 LED Moonflower! The Revo 3 combines red, green and blue LEDs with white LEDs to produce billiant white moonflower effects and enhanced mixed moonflower effects.


The HexaLED is an LED centrepiece effect that produces rotating moonflowers from its 6 lenses. A dynamic and exciting effect, it’s like having multiple photons in the one unit. Super-wide beam spread.


Already an enduring effect for DJs and in clubs, the Mushroom has entered the new era of LED technology. The LED Mushroom gives a wide spread of vivid beams from its 3W LEDs, sound-active patterns and the ability to link to other units. Both highly portable and durable, the LED Mushroom is great for mobile applications.


This red-green-yellow laser is a versatile performer that balances colour beautifully. Operates in DMX, stand alone and sound active modes, packed with more than 150 preset patterns including blanking effects and many more. TE cooling means this is a laser ideal for heavy club use. Sweep the room with dazzling, colourful, customisable graphics.


Small and compact par 36 LED pinspot with DMX control, stand alone operation and master / slave operation. Uses 61 red, green and blue LEDs allowing over 16 million colours to be produced. Great when used in multiples for clubs and venues and ideal for lighting up truss. Suits any situation where a small concentrated light source is needed.


Now the highly successful P64LED is available with 1 watt LEDs. 12 each of Red, Green and Blue to combine for full RGB colour mixing. With brightness levels now exceeding regular incandescent par cans there are more and more reasons to switch to this feature packed medium. No more dimming racks, no more ridiculous amounts of heat, no more changing gels, no more expensive lamp replacements, and now with a smooth amber white that will have lighting operators grinning with delight. With double yoke and piggy back plug this is a truly professional product that also has DMX on board, sound active, 50,000 hour plus lamp life and Light.


The Gemini twin red green is two lasers in one. Its twin laser output can be controlled by DMX or cycle through pre-programmed sound activated patterns via the in built mic. Multiple units can be operated together in a master/slave configuration or in conjunction with a DMX controller creating a spectacular laser light show. These beams fire simultaneously around a venue giving twice the output and excitement. 80mW Red and 30mW Green laser.


The Hurricane is ready to party in seconds. A mid-sized green laser with a big heart. The Hurricane delivers 30mW and over 100 preset patterns and animations that can be controlled for specific functions and events. Includes 15 channels of DMX for the ultimate in controlability. An excellent special effect for mobile DJs, house parties or nightclubs that require the all important ‘wow’ factor. Adds an exciting and upliftng dynamic to any lightshow and ideally should be used with fog.


Sputniks represent compact mini moving heads that fit into the palm of your hand and weigh less than 4kgs. The Sputnik profile is in a league of its own, as a ground breaking RGB LED-fitted spot with 9 gobos, a whole host of features and full DMX control. The Sputnik is a big lighting effect for small areas.


A fantastic laser light. Red & green laser effects with aurora like colour changing “wash” as background.

Mirror Balls

The classic disco icon that’s timeless! Add glamour to any venue, bedroom and home party. With an ABS core these balls are built tough with high quality glass tiles casting a fascinating pattern of dappled light spots across the room. Mirror balls range from 4 to 48 inches.


Using LED technology, the classic ultra violet light is now obtainable without the use of expensive, specialised UV lamps. This UV LED flood light features intelligent programmable effects like dimming and strobe. And being LED runs cool and draws very little power. Superb for glow in the dark parties, dramatic entrance and special effects lighting, chillout zones and theatrical performances.